by Spit Black

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This is our debut LP.
Thanks to everyone who has ever supported local music.
DIY till you all die.

Recorded Feb-April 2017 at All Aces Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Austin Minney
Thanks to YIG for providing the extra noise on "Nations".


released April 21, 2017

Austin- Guitars
Shane- Bass



all rights reserved


Spit Black Denver, Colorado

Spit Black is:
Austin: Guitars
Christian: Drums
Sean: Vocals
Shane: Bass

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Track Name: Hope is Pointless
I never knew such weight existed until the weight of the world came crashing down on me.It’s hard to breathe when you’ve lost all sight of hope. But what’s the fucking point when humans run the world?

Bodies stacked up at the place where they should have been fucking saved.All the innocent people you’ve slaughtered cannot speak their peace.

Hard to believe that cries of misery have gone unheard.
Life tries to persist, but you fuckers refuse to let it.

Corpses litter the streets.
No one there to police the barbarism that you have achieved.
I hope you feel complete with the bodies piled up at your fucking feet.

I have no hope for the human race. You should be ashamed.
Track Name: Litter
Perpetual disgrace.
Too caught up in the race
To notice the world is changing shape.

No growth causes decay.
Now it’s judgement day.

Volcanic reckoning.
Oceanic revenge.

Your lives are disease.
The planet can cure you by shaking you off like the pests you are.

Earth will not forgive you.
Congratulations on sustaining your pathetic ways.

Your bodies will join the litter you’ve left.
Track Name: Swarms of Dissent
Can you feel it in the air?
That’s not the weather, that’s cold hatred.

The world can’t wait.
Put us down.
Sealed our fate.
Gave a crown.

You think a wall will protect us?
The whole world will bring it down.

All we can do is sit back and watch
They’ll break it down
We can’t pick it up.

Made our choice.
Chose the wrong voice.
Swarms of dissent
Swallow us whole.

We’ve put a loaded fucking gun to our temples.
We’re just waiting for the world to pull the trigger.

Set us free like the dogs we are.
Track Name: Four Years
I would sleep through this; happily.
If it meant I didn’t have to spend another day waiting for the calamity you’ve ensured.
Put me down when you collapse and fall.

Enjoy the division and intolerance you have made.
You can’t complain.
You have to wallow in what you’ve allowed.
Ideals don’t vanish, they just hide next door.

You’ve let them out to dominate and eliminate any dignity we still had.

You forgot how to fight.
Now you’re all gonna die.

Wake me up in four years.
Track Name: Suffocate For Us
I wake up every day with the shame of being near you.
I have to hear your words after they’re said.

Invite me the next time you want to talk shit
About all those people that have different skin.
I’ll be happy to shut that fucking mouth of yours.

No more ignorance.

We’re done watching it grow.
Racism can’t be a norm for our people.

I’ll to get to you before that happens
I’ll bury you alive with all of your hate.

You don’t deserve the air in your lungs, you fucking prick.

Struggle to breath beneath the ones you hate.
Track Name: Machismo
Such a big man.
Not just in stature, but in your ways.

You’d like to think your shit don’t stink,
But you excel in sickening me.

Pull your shoulders back.
Puff your chest out, stand up straight.

You’ve got to be strong for what’s to come.

A lonely life made from pride.
No friends til’ you die.
Your macho ways have sucked you dry.

At least you were tough.
Track Name: Proper American
You’ve been shown the proper way since you were small.
Yearn so fervently for guidance and approval because you can’t trust yourself.

Put your trust where you were told it belongs.
Live your life in fear of God.
Slip in decency when you’re challenged.
Love thy neighbor, but judge their choices.

Kill the people that don’t love the same savior.
Crush their prayers and send them to hell.

I keep forgetting that your God is the only one.
I can’t seem to remember that he is almighty.
But I can’t forget that you are the people in charge.
My apologies for doubting his word.

We can’t trust ourselves, so we’ll blindly trust you.
Track Name: Put Down
I give, you take.

However, everything remains my fault.
How can I show you that this is one sided?

I try, I fail, never enough.

The work I put into this shit is always shot down like a fawn in the woods.
Put down like an aging companion you thought you’d never lose.
Yet, here I am, waiting for you to make the right move.
Give me a reason to keep pleading for you to keep me around.
Track Name: My Mistake
I can’t remember a time
When this wasn’t hard for me.
Why should I trust anyone but myself.

In every person, I perceive lies.
Bad intentions are in their eyes.
I can’t believe anyone would honor a promise to me.
That’s just how I see.

You think I’m jaded?
You’re goddamned right.
I’ve been used like a mop.
Cleaning up messes I didn’t create.
You made the mess and you are my mistake.

I’m fucking jaded because of you.
Your betrayal caused my view.
Track Name: Dredge
I cannot recall how the sun feels when it warms my skin.
I have spent so much time here feeling so few feelings.
All I’m aware of is the persistent pull of the abyss.
Closer and closer, soon I will collide with the bottom.

Further and further, I feel the cold turning colder.
The light I’ve kept my eyes on dwindles and fades.
Just the gentle sway of the depths I’ve reached.
I know this is the bottom, because everything is above me.

I want to float. I’m tired of fucking sinking.